Banner and Media Material Wholesale for All Your Projects


You deserve to supply your print shop with the best materials for your customers’ print jobs. At Rhino Flex, we aim to provide the highest quality media and banner material wholesale to print shops like yours.

Why Rhino Flex?

We started as an offshoot of Rhino Tex, the largest US importer of PVC, so we can stock and provide the best banner and media material wholesale to print shops like yours that care about providing quality prints to their customers.

When you print on quality media and banner material, the quality of the print work you do can truly shine, which will enhance your reputation and create repeat customers. Rhino Flex provides these quality materials at a discounted price so any small business can supply the best materials.

We offer materials for an incredible variety of print jobs, including:

• Printable indoor    
• Flooring Printable mesh, including speaker mesh
• Printable wallcovering
• Fabric wallcovering
• Frontlit products
• Backlit Products
• Blockout materials
• PET display film

We know that the more high-quality materials you are able to print on, the more jobs your shop can take on, which means more revenue for your business.

Rhino Flex believes in competitive pricing and keeping our warehouse fully stocked. This allows us to offer same-day shipping, so our high-quality materials come to you right when you need them and you can keep doing your fantastic work for your clients.

To order banner and media print material from us for your shop, email
customersupport@rhinoflex.comor call us at 909-548-3910 today!